The weekly newsletter is sent through a particular email: This tutorial will guide you through setting this email as safe in your Outlook, so that you receive the newsletter in your inbox (and not spam box).

Configure in Outlook 365

  • Go to your Office 365 portal by clicking here

  • Choose on your left hand side the Outlook application

  • In the top right corner, click on the Settings icon and then on View all Outlook settings:

  • Then click on Junk Email in the left menu:

  • Click + Add in Secure sender and domains.

  • Type in and hit ENTER to add the domain.

  • Hit save and that's it!

If you still find that newsletters are going to the spam box, do these steps:

  • Click on our name at the top of our message

  • Right click it and choose “Add to Outlook contacts”

  • Fill in the details you want to save in the window that opens

  • Hit save. You should add us to your favourites, too.

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