LEARNINGHUBZ provides an informal management learning platform to companies and other organizations. Please read these Terms of Service carefully, as well as our Privacy Policy since, by using our Service, you will agree to be bound by the two documents.


Throughout this Contract, we use certain words or phrases, the meaning of which is important to understand. The list is not comprehensive.

  • "Contract" means these Terms of Service;

  • "LEARNINGHUBZ" refers to our company, known as "LEARNINGHUBZ, Lda.", our website, our service, or a combination of all or some of the preceding definitions, depending on the context of the word;

  • "Service" refers to the functionalities we provide through our platform to companies or organizations and to its administrators and users;

  • "Site" refers to our website,;

  • “Company” refers to the Entity (a company or organization) that subscribed to the service for its users (normally employees but not exclusively);

  • "User" refers to the users of the Service to which the Company subscribed;

  • “Administrators” refers to users with special access to the functions of managing the contents and reporting.


LEARNINGHUBZ offers companies an informal management learning platform with curated content by LEARNINGHUBZ from online sources that provide hyperlinks to their content.

These contents are provided through Internet links and embedded links, its description as well as images in the thumbnail format.

These contents can be removed from the platform by LEARNINGHUBZ whenever its source makes them unavailable on the Internet or requests not to link them.

Access to the LEARNINGHUBZ by users depends on the contract system with the respective employing entity of a service provider contract or the request and acceptance by Learninghubz of a demonstration period.

Users may access the training contents selected by the company (their own or resulting from the curation of the company and LEARNINGHUBZ) as well as the content added by administrators or other users.

In addition to viewing and accessing the contents, users may recommend, share, comment among other actions, and consult what their colleagues are recommending and adding to the platform.

The Administrators of the company can manage content and highlights and consult the usage data on the platform.

YouTube API

LEARNINHUBZ uses YouTube API functionalities in the informal management learning platform to provide access to YouTube content, curated by LEARNINGHUBZ or curated by Users or Administrators.

By using LEARNINGHUBZ, Users and Administrators are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service ( and agree with Google’s Privacy Policy (


The LEARNINGHUBZ platform allows users to exchange information, access the content provided by the company (resulting from the curation of Learninghubz or added by the Company), and share contents available on the Internet.

LEARNINGHUBZ, however, shall not be liable for any of the contents provided through its Service or the actions of any of its Users, and the user agrees to hold LEARNINGHUBZ harmless from all liability arising from or related to its use of our Service.

LEARNINGHUBZ shall also not be liable for the wrongful use of its services, or for losses or damages caused by this improper use.


To use our Service, the user must respect a series of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • being part of a list of eligible users contacted by the company;

  • shall not register on behalf of any singular person;

  • Provide personal information (first and last name and e-mail) which LEARNINGHUBZ deems necessary to provide our Service.

Obligations of use

The User or Administrator is liable for all contents, information, data and/or other that he registers and/or transmits through the website, and he thus agrees to evaluate and assume all the risks associated with its transmission.

The user of the site agrees:

  i.  .Not to imitate or pass himself off as another person or make abusive use of his relationship with another person;
  ii.  Not to violate, whether intentionally or not, any national regional or international law;
  iii.  Not to threaten, insult or harass any person or group of persons;
  iv.  Not to register and/or transmit, on the website or by electronic mail (“e-mail"), any content that is illegal, threatening, provocative, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, a violation of privacy, racist or discriminatory against any person or group of persons;
  v.  Not register and/or transmit, without having the right to do so, any content under law or contract, including confidential information obtained in the context of working or professional relationships, namely doctor-patient, or information that violates any patent, copyright, or property right of any person;
  vi.  Not register and/or transmit any announcement or message to groups of unauthorized or unsolicited people, promotional materials, business schemes, or any other form of solicitation;
  vii.  Not register and/or transmit any software that contains a virus or any other code, file, or computer program, designed to interrupt, destroy, damage, or limit the functionality of any hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment;
  viii Not copy, transmit, modify, distribute, show, or publicly execute or create any work derived from any content that is available on the site;
  ix.  Not obtain or store, without authorization from the respective owner, personal data of another user or users.

LEARNINGHUBZ does not supervise the contents registered and/or transmitted by site Users or Administrators and, therefore, cannot ensure the legality, exactness, honesty, veracity, integrity and/or quality of the same, or assume any liability arising from non-compliance by users with these terms and conditions.

Notwithstanding that referenced above, LEARNINGHUBZ reserves the right to refuse, remove and/or block access to any content that violates these terms and conditions and/or whose unlawfulness is clear.

Information contained on the site

The information contained on the website was compiled and is provided by LEARNINGHUBZ with the necessary duties of due diligence and care. However, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, LEARNINGHUBZ does not warrant that the information provided is exempt from errors - human and/or computer - delays, interruptions, loss of data, omissions, or other defects.

Personal data

The handling of personal data gathered from this site is governed by our Privacy Policy 

Response to users

Whenever LEARNINGHUBZ receives a message via e-mail or on the platform, it shall use every effort to respond promptly, in an effort to respect the response time requested by the user. However, LEARNINGHUBZ does not predict or guarantee a response time.

The site and the service have links to other Internet sites registered to other people. LEARNINGHUBZ does not have any connection to and/or control over the Internet sites which may be accessed from the referenced links, since it is not responsible for the contents provided therein, their veracity, correction and/or exactness.  


LEARNINGHUBZ may disclose notices on the website or the service platform, possibly through the creation of links for notices, either to communicate changes to these terms and conditions or for any other issue.


The user recognizes that the Internet constitutes a public network and as such, LEARNINGHUBZ cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of the same.

LEARNINGHUBZ shall also not be liable for the wrongful use of its services, or for losses or damages caused by this improper use.
Under the maximum terms permitted by law, LEARNINGHUBZ excludes any liability, direct or indirect, for the use of the website and its service platform.

License Restrictions

The user agrees that, by using our Service, he receives a license to use a copy of our software based on the web (known as "SaaS") according to this Contract, applicable laws, and any additional terms located on our website that are incorporated herein in this Contract by reference.

The user shall not attempt to do reverse engineering, redistribute or resell or, in any way, copy or manipulate our Service.

Downtime of the server

Our Service may be unavailable for an indeterminate length of time for security, legal, technical updating, or other reasons. The user agrees that we are not required to inform him about this time of inactivity - even if we know that it may occur - or to provide a reason for it, and that the user releases us from any liability related to the unavailability of our Service.


"LEARNINGHUBZ" is a registered trademark of LEARNINGHUBZ, Lda., to exclusively identify our Website, Service, and business, over which are applied intellectual property rights.

Final provisions

LEARNINGHUBZ reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to revise these terms and conditions of access and use, in effect from the date of their disclosure.

In the event any of the provisions of these terms and conditions is considered illegal or inapplicable, in whole or in part, the same shall be considered as not being part of these terms and conditions, with the remaining provisions continuing to be valid and applicable.

The Terms and Conditions for the use of the website and the service platform are governed in accordance with the laws of Portugal.

For more information, or to clarify any questions, please contact:

Learninghubz, Lda.
Rua da Prata 80, 1100-420 Lisbon

Effective on 25 May 2018

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