Pages are a very easy and visual way to organize content in specific themes or topics that are most relevant for your company.

Note: There a set of thematic pages curated by Learninghubz that can't be edited, just hidden or shown.

To create a page, the process is very simple:

Step 1.

In the More Options menu choose Add and than select Add New Page

Step 2.

Give the page a title. This title will be displayed at the top of the page, as well as on the thumbnail.

Add a cover image to the page (you can copy a URL from a web image or upload from your computer).

Step 3.

Set the Highlightsif you wish. These highlights are advised to be videos only. Do not put pages.

Create the sections and paste the links to the content you want to add in the CONTENTS field, remembering that the content must already be inserted in the hub. To see how to insert a content click here.

After you paste the link just click +.

You can also select the display mode (in FORMAT) by saying whether you want the section to be displayed in slide or grid mode.



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