Pages are a very easy and visual way to organize content in specific themes or topics that are most relevant for your company.

Note: There a set of thematic pages curated by Learninghubz that can't be edited, just hidden or shown.

To create a page, the process is very simple:

Step 1.

Press the ADD button, and select NEW PAGE.

Step 2.

Give the page a title. This title will be displayed at the top of the page, as well as on the thumbnail.

Add a cover image to the page (you can copy a URL from a web image or upload from your computer).

Step 3.

Place section titles and add content. To do this, simply type the title of each section in the CONTENT text box, or paste the URL of the video and / or playlist.

To add a spacing between titles and videos, just add #

If you want to position any inserted content, just click on the left side of each line and drag up or down.

Note: To add a video or a playlist to the page, both must already be inserted in the Learninghub. Just open the specific content on your Learninghub, copy the URL, and paste it in the CONTENT text box.

Step 4.

Click SAVE

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